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Its been a busy week here at the house.  I've spent a portion of it attempting to wrangle control of the national disaster area that is also known as the Youngest Spawn's bedroom.

as of today I am 80% done in there (whoo hoo!) but got nothing accomplished today I am sad to say.  All because of this little cutie pie

who showed up and started helping herself to the cat food in the kitchen.  She has a collar with an AVID tag, but the AVID folks only show her PID as being registered with the adoption agency that implanted it.  I've called and left a message and I hope that they will get back to me soon.

She's young, probably no more than 8 months old, and is in that gawky adolescent phase for kittens, all long legs and hollow belly.  She's eaten several times, and I suspect that she wandered away from her home a couple of days age with the appetite she is showing, along with the scrawny body. 

She's very friendly and cuddlesome and while the two resident cats are not terribly impressed or happy, neither has done more than hiss at her attempts to friendship this evening. 

I've sent email round to the neighborhood (we're rural, so everyone tries to keep in contact this way for neighborhood issues, road graveling,etc) but so far no one has claimed her.

The Beloved Spouse is out this evening and will be for the entire weekend to attend the Esoteric Book Conference held in Seattle this weekend.  Tonight he's just picking up a friend from back east who flew out to attend as well.  Hopefully I'll get the chance to see him this weekend as well.

Other than trying to finish up the room this weekend I'll be getting my stuff together for classes on Monday.

What are you up to this weekend?

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