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Had the most interesting/surreal/bizarre dream this morning before the alarm went off.

Dreamt that I was a part of a group who dressed up like superheros/characters and had monthly meetings at a local hotel.

I can only assume that I was male in my dream, but I don't really know. I was Wolverine, but Wolverine if he was an ice version...all white and silver and pale blue. The hair was pale blue, the skin silvery white, the costume white latex with blue accents.

Sort of like SCA only with comic characters, only it wasn't just limited to print media -- one of the guys was dressed as Mr. Incredible from the Incredibles.

Anyhow, the hotel was used to seeing weird people dressed in even weirder costumes and had a nice banquet hall reserved for us, and like in the SCA, we 'lived' our personas -- even to the point of trying to fight crime for some of us. Others were obsessed with creating tools that would allow us to fully become our personas. I remember I was disappointed that I didn't really have claws.

Then the alarm went off.

Oh how I wish I had a good Wolvie icon for this post....

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