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Other than playing Farmville and other time wasters out on Facebook that is.

Find new music to groove to via Pandora.  I love Pandora. Love love love it. Where else can you put in an artist's name and get a never ending music playlist of their work with others that may be similar in theme/sound? 

I've found some wonderful stuff through it, and have been spending several days grooving to Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell and other instrumental works.

I've got some serious wacky music tastes - there is little in the musical genre that I will not listen to.  Later today I will be listening to the Apocalyptica channel. No one has covered Metallica with cellos in the same way. If you've not listened to them, run to YouTube and take a gander, you won't regret it IMO.

I desperately need to spend some time writing, but have not found it.  Blah.  I've Timestamp stories for Sylum due, along with a Yule calendar story.  I really need a couple of days to work on them alone. Hopefully I will get them soon!

School is going well I think -- the lame ass Comp Apps. class that is mandatory is cake. I should have challenged but needed the credits for worker retraining. English 101 is good as well.  Starting a short research paper (5-7 pages) that is due the third week in the month. I'll have to present to the class, no biggie for me but I understand others have a fear of talking in front of others. Eh. I did 10 years of leading public rituals for the Seattle Wiccan/Pagan community, presenting in front of 15 people doesn't even rate.  Math I think is going well.  Missed one test by accident but have the chance to make it up before the final. Had our third test this week, should know tomorrow how I did.  

Next quarter I'll be taking Math 90 (Algebra), Sociology of Death and Dying, and Introduction to Funeral Services.  Should be interesting.  I had thought about adding Biology 111 into the mix, but decided that between the math and soc. class that I'd barely have time to do the homework without adding biology on top of it.

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