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I found a list of single word prompts, there are 165 total that follow the alphabet.  Well all but 'zed'.  I feel sorry for the letter Z.  It get no real respect or that many words associated with it.  It's not like the letters M, S & T which are all whores about the popularity.

Anyhow, I think I will see if I can use this list in some way as a prompt.  Some will bring up porn I am sure, some will be angsty, there will be love, heartbreak, maybe even sword fights!

I am going to attempt to use it to jump start a bunch of Sylum fics that I need to write, mostly for Ghost & Darkness but also some back history stuff for McGee.  

He's such a shy and retiring type of character, but there's fire under those suits and shy demeanor.  Otherwise he'd never have survived being Tony's Childe.

So, sometime today hopefully I'll get a start on this.  They will be rough, really really rough, as I'll be doing free write with most of them to get the ideas flowing.

Any thoughts, suggestions, C&C are always welcome, please oh please let me know if any of these strike a chord with you or not.  I'm not looking for praise but rather gut feelings.  Love it? Hate it? Why?  Let me know.


8 Feb 2006 10:15
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This was a story that I started to write and then lost the muse for it. There should be more, like with Spike and Drusilla returning to Sunnydale with their kitten in tow and Xander being all docile and submissive like. I had a great flash of him kneeling on the floor with cuffs at his ankles and wrists and Drusilla lightly cutting poetry into his back.

On to what I have so far....


Spike stalked out of the school and slammed his fist into the side of the Volvo parked on the street. ‘How dare Angel pretend to be Angelus and try to trick him. Offer to share a boy with him, then turn on him. Bloody soul. Ruined a perfectly good demon and turned him into a broody git.’

He headed for the sewers, heading back to the cavern. Drusilla was waiting for him there. She’d have something to say about Angel.

"The boy doesn't trust you. They follow him. I think sometimes that all my hair will fall out and I'll be bald." Drusilla drifted slowly around the room that Spike and she were sharing.

Reaching out, Spike grabbed a hold of her wrist on one of her passes by him and pulled her to his lap. “What boy are you talking about Dru?”

“The Slayer’s boy. The dark kitten. Daddy has made him angry. Miss Edith says that he needs a new keeper.” She snapped her teeth at him playfully. “Dark and moist, I want to eat him quite up.”

Spike rubbed his hand across her back and shoulders. “Think we should take the kitten, do you Luv? Raise him up right, make a big cat out of him?” Laughing at the thought of taking the boy out from under Angel’s nose the two vampire’s plotted early into the next day.

“Xander, are you listening to me?” Buffy shook his shoulder.

“Huh…wa?” he mumbled, his cheeks pinking with embarrassment. His mind had been wandering back to last night and Angel offering him up as a snack to his very scary Childe.
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Title: Redemption
Author: Nephir
Rating: FRT
Pairing: HP/LM
From the plot bunny that Lucius Malfoy is actually Lucifer.

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