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SEAF -- Day 3 (Auction Night)

Not too bad to be honest -- I think that we were busier on Friday night that I could tell, or it could be that everyone was in the auction and so the galleries were emptier.
I had a minor tiff with one of the 'artists'...performers. They didn't like the fact that they needed to be banded so that we knew who was supposed to be in when the doors closed for prepping for the night's festivities.

Personally, by the end of it all, radio collars and ear tags was my suggestion (EWG)

Got to see lots of folks in the most wonderful clothing (or lack thereof in some cases), hear some interesting poetry (sorta like crazy folk on the street corners, but not) and view some lovely art. Many of the pieces that I liked the most didn't sell, which was a shame. Hey, if I'd had the money and wall space I'd have thought about buying them.

I got to run around in the new leather bodice, which was way comfy for me.

I also had the opportunity to walk someone's sub around (he needed to go water the chamberpot) -- too much fun all in all.

We ended up staying until midnight, or a little there after, then headed home to sleep.

Day 4 -- last day and breakdown

Took it slow and easy that morning -- did some laundry, caught up on my email, went and had a late lunch then headed in to the site for the final day.

Slow and calm were the words until we closed, after which much chaos erupted. Folks who had purchased art were there to pick up, folks who had won the auction were there, and artists coming to pick up the art not purchased were there.

In the midst of all of this, we were working on clearing out the space and tearing down the walls that had been erected so that the art had a place to hang.

Got to learn the basics of art handling and wrapping (thanks Claire -- you are truly a peach!) and had loads of fun. Our various spouses showed up around 8:00 to take us to dinner and we were done for the night (I felt bad abut not staying and finishing up the tear down, but I was/am exhausted!)

Headed over to Beppo's for a late dinner and split a bottle of wine amongst all of us. It was a fitting end to the weekend.

Herb took Tony to the ferries and I headed home. The girls were all home, and Youngest Spawn was still awake (it was midnight again) so she shared some of her stories about SakuraCon and we chatted for a while until Herb got home.

I hit the sack somewhere around 1:30 and prepared to go off to work in the morning with too little sleep and some weird excess energy.

Here it is now Tuesday and I am finally updating. The triad (SJ, Cat and I) all met last night at SJ's house to go over stuff and talk about doing it all again next year. (are we insane? possibly!)

Hope you all had fun on your weekend!
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I shoulda been journaling this from the beginning...what a dork I am.

Thursday was Day One for me -- we had the VIP/Volunteer/Artist reception. Which meant that I left work at 2:00, swung home for a quick shower and clothing change (getting caught up in helping out with a few details of the spawn getting ready to head into Seattle for the weekend for SakuraCon).

Made it to Seattle and the site by 5:45-6:00 pm. I think all told we had somewhere round 700 people show up throughout the evening. Site closed at 10:00, we were out by 11:00 and off to get food. Which was a good thing -- I'd had a candybar at noon and a bagel on the way over the bridge and that was it. Yeah, I'm a dork. All told, ended up getting home @ 1:00 am. Washed my face and dropped across the bed and that was all she wrote.

Day Two: Was supposed to start at 4:00 so that I could give SJ a chance to go get food. I left the house at 1:00 after 5 different calls from him in 30 minutes. Headed to the ferrie terminal to grab Tony (who was kind enough to allow himself to be conscripted as my personal boy for the weekend)and run the various errands that were needed for the site. Made it to the site at actually 4:00 (wh00t). My shift was supposed to be over at 9:00 -- I actually left at midnight (after updating the masterlist) only to have to turn around and go back to the site to get my wallet which had fallen out of my top when I loosened the strings to the bodice.
Ran through fast food and grabbed a (very) late dinner (hey it was 1:00 am) and headed home. Was awake long enough to eat, check my email and hit the sheets.

Day Three: hasn't happened yet -- you people are killing me here -- I don't have a chance to read much at the moment and you are all writing! I wanna read damnit!

Plan is to actually head back over to Seattle sometime after one and before 3:00 to be there at 4. Once again my shift ends at 10 but I'll prolly actually be there until midnight or later (site closes at 2:00 tonight because of the auction).

Am dead -- *thud*

Day Four won't be so bad -- site closes at 9:00 (I think) so I should be home before midnight to go to work Monday morning bright and early.

I did manage to scroll though my flist (skip 300 you verbal twerps) -- lots of good stuff that I dumped into word to read when I have a few.

*love and hugs the flist* happy to see some of you writing again -- you know who you are!

So, must shower, wake the crew, feed the crew and head off into the wilds of Seattle.

Hope your Saturday is a good one.
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