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Edit date is my friend.
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Back rubs

Foot massages

Smart people
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Odors, especially sharp body odors

Pushy people

My bellybutton

Self centeredness
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My spouse

My kids

My BFF Stuart

My sister

My grandmother
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Worked fast food.

Let my weight get as high as it has

Quit college at 20

Allowed a relationship to lapse because of another

Spent money unwisely

Not listened to advise from my mom
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I have lived a charmed life.

I have a wonderful family.

People are incredibly stupid and most should not be allowed to breed or be on the street without a keeper.

How can allowing two people that love each other to get married destroy marriage?

Why do people really believe the crap that falls out of Karl Rove's mouth? Or Bill O'Reilly, or Glenn Beck for that matter?

How can any woman actually think Sarah Palin is a good role model?

How guilty will I feel if I skip working out on the Wii Fit?
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Do kind things

Give me a sincere complement (I'll blush and stammer, I don't know how to take them)

Be yourself, not what you think I want you to be

Be honest

Flowers and chocolates, in small doses are always a treat

Remember the things that are important to me

Be my friend first

Be honest -- I know that this is in here twice, but its a huge thing for me.
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I am terrible at finishing projects

Math scare me, but I am getting better

I would like to be a stronger person

I have a wonderful if occasionally dysfunctional family

I like my feet, even if my littlest toe doesn't really grow a toenail

I am terrified of becoming unable to take care of myself as I age

I think the best of human beings even when the news shows me that as a race we are doomed.

I cannot, at my core, understand why racism exists. I can listen to the arguments but none of them are valid in my eyes.

I think I am weird because I am looking forward to embalming classes.
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Day One: Ten things you want to say to ten different people right now:


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Day Two: Nine things about yourself
Day Three: Eight ways to win your heart.
Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.
Day Five: Six things you wish you'd never done.
Day Six: Five people who mean a lot (in no order whatsoever).
Day Seven: Four turn offs
Day Eight: Three turn ons.
Day Nine: Two words that describe your life right now.
Day Ten: One confession


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For a thirty day meme this hasn't been awful but dude! some of the prompts really and truly suck. 

Like this one.

Really?  Really?  One Last Moment?  Couldn't you have thought of maybe a wrap up prompt or something like that?  *rolls eyes*

I have liked that it's made me write something, even if its just babbling about stupid personal shit consistently for the past month.

I may try and find a list of word prompts that I can do for October that would be in the theme of the month, Halloween!  It's my most favorite time of year hands down.

So, if any of you know of something along the lines of what would work as prompts for the upcoming month, and I'd actually prefer that they encouraged me to write some fiction dammit rather than stupid questions about my self, please let me know.

And now, without further ado: One Last Moment...

As I sat and stared at the last prompt on the 30 days hath September meme I couldn't think of a single thing that qualified.  Perhaps it is fitting, this is the last moment of this meme and it is quietly going back into it's box, it's moment over.
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My aspirations have changed as I have changed.

As a child I wanted to be an archeologist, or a brain surgeon.  Either one would have been good with me at the time.  I still have a deep and abiding love of history.  A career counselor in high school told me that "women don't enter these fields, you should take typing and become a paralegal".  I kid you not.  

As a young adult I wanted to be a parent, and to be a GOOD parent.  I think, for the most part I have managed to do this.  But I've not been perfect in any way, let me assure you.  As a parent I've made mistakes, BIG ones, but luckily they haven't been truly damaging ones.

As an older adult I want to be a good person.  I want to learn, share knowledge, write about things that interest me, read, knit, spend time with my husband,spend time with my adult children, spend time with my granddaughter, travel, not worry....

I want to leave this world with few regrets.
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My mom.
My innocence in the world as a good place.
My sister.
My dad, even though he was a butt a lot of the time.
Friends out of state.
many many things apparently.
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All of these prompts are so open ended that it takes me too much time to try and narrow it down to one single item.

I think that I will limit myself to saying that currently my favorite place is at home, where I am surrounded by silence when I need it, and noise when I need that.  That my family is there, and everyone is getting along *grin*
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We all have fears. 

I fear not having enough money to pay my bills on a daily basis.
I fear not having health insurance for my family.
I fear for my Spawn anytime they are on the roads, that some idiot texting or something else will cause an accident that they could become involved in.
I fear my government and the stupid decisions that they make on a regular basis.

I have many many fears.
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Huh... a first. 

A first kiss - we covered that
A first child - a daughter
A first date - I am pretty sure it was a group date
A first house - I am buying my first house
A first grandbaby - she's an adorable crawling girl

Life is full of firsts....
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Oh dear lord it would be easier to tell you what doesn't make me cry!

Off the top of my head, in list form for ease of reading:
  • Singing the National Anthem with a large group of people.  I think its the empathic swell of emotion that does it to me.
  • Watching my kids (or family) perform. 
  • Sad movies.  Nuff' said.
  • Happy movies.  Toy Story 3 had me in tears.
  • When other people cry.  Its like yawning, if I see one person do it then I want to too.
  • When I have to say goodbye to someone I rarely get to see, such as my sister.
  • When I remember events that have been emotional for me, the death of a friend/loved one, one perfect day with the spouse/kids/sibs/etc..

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For as long as I can remember back the one consistent thing that would make me feel better whenever I was blue, or tired, or just out of sorts has been to soak in water.

As a teenager I would convince my bf at the time to drive over to the coast so that I could sit on the rocks and feel the spray of the waves as they crashed on the breakers.

As an adult I frequently find myself running a tub full of hot water, throwing in a double handful of salt and retreating to this sanctuary with a book or something else to read.
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Something that upsets me -- prejudice.  That upsets me.  Especially prejudice about something that you are born with such as race, skin color, gender, sexuality.... I cannot understand hating someone based on any these criteria. 

'Nuf said.
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It is the end of summer in 1980.  I have been bumming around with my quasi-boyfriend Howard and he tells me about a medieval reenactment group that is forming in the area and that they are meeting up at the park in the middle of downtown at the 'arts faire' for fun.

It is there that I meet the man that I marry 6+ weeks after we start dating.  This year will mark our 29th anniversary.

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