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I picked up the blu-ray dvd combo yesterday before the snow chased me home.  Quite the cute movie and now misswinterhill over on LJ posted a very fun How to Train/Sherlock mashup:

What are you still doing here?  Go, read!

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I am currently indulging in several fandoms while keeping an eye on older beloved fandoms. New fandom loves are Sherlock, SGA (yea, I'm late to the party) and the Losers.

For Sherlock, I ran across this fic this morning and it goes so far to explain some of Sherlock's mannerisms. It is crack, pure crack, but fun.

Title: Obviously
Author: Beneficia
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Characters: Sherlock, mentions of Mycroft, John, and mummy Holmes
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.
Rating: G
Word Count: 771
Spoilers: none
Warnings: crack!fic. Umm… vague mentions of drugs. Insulting people.

Why you should read it: Its crack, amusing crack and yet is true to the characters.  The voices are perfect.
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Got this link from [ profile] ponderosa121

If you read Gundam Wing fics should run over and read this as quickly as possible...

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