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School starts back tomorrow - luckily it's only for 8 weeks and then I'll have 3-4 weeks off for a break before fall quarter starts.

Stress levels around the house have hit critical with the Youngest Spawn wigging out about her upcoming Social Security hearing, school starting and travel.

Its hard on her with the bipolar and anxiety (there's only so much Valium that one can take to help with the stress before becoming a zombie) and it's a little like walking on eggshells here. It's amazing to see how some react to another persons suffering, especially when it's a mental illness issue. Too many out there, including those who have mental issues of their own seem to think only their issues are real and others just need to get over it. Sigh.

We really need for this appeal to go through but I have my doubts it will. Pretty soon I'll want my own anxiety drugs to help me to deal with the stress at this point.

Around here the booms are starting to cycle up for the evening - last night it was like being in a intercity urban gang war all over again. While I enjoy celebrating the 4th I hate the noise that accompanies it.

How are you all today?

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