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Word of the day Drabble
word: edacious: given to eating
Character(s): Xander
Fandom: BtVS
Rating: FRA

He had laughed when he opened the gift from Willow -- only she would think that he would appreciate a Word a Day calendar.

Today’s word was edacious: given to eating. He thought about it as he fixed his breakfast. He didn’t think he’d ever use it in a sentence, he'd grown up since Sunnydale, but it wasn't a Xan-man type of word.

He thought about it more; it did describe him to an extent. His mom never would have won a Mom of the Year award, but she did her best and that meant take out and Kraft dinners from a box.
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It never failed to surprise Timmy that the Capt'n took him as a Childe. When he asked him about it, all he'd say was that he saw something in Timmy and that was all.

He knew that there were some guilty feelings tied in there somewhere, but if he was being honest with himself he was glad tht he'd had this chance. Even if it meant leaving his siblings and Mam behind. Perhaps there would come a time that he'd be able to check on them again, even if he couldn't be a part of thier everyday lives any more.

He had so much more time now, time to read all the books he's ever wanted, time to study and to learn. His mind whirled with the possibilities.
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Jamie was the baby, born just 12 years ago, much to the surprise of both him mam and da. Before him had been a string of still births, three in all, and they'd resigned themselves to no more children.

But Jamie, aye, when he was born it was obvious that he was special. Born with a caul during the dark of winter, he lived in two worlds. He'd spend hours wandering the hills around their home and drive their mam to distraction with bringing home strays and injured animals.

In some ways the Doc reminded him of Jamie, with his need to help others. The Capt'n had told him how the Doc had lost everything that was dear to him due to war, that was why it was so hard on him to be here.

He'd been riding with the Capt'n now for just over a year and in that time TImmy had grown not only to admire him for being the man that he was, but to try and follow his example.

Jamie would like the Capt'n and the Doc, of that Timmy was sure.
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It was hard for Timmy to believe that his da had been gone now for 4 years. It just wasn't the same for the family with him gone.

He'd taught all the boys and the girls too when mam wasn't looking, to shoot straight, to listen to the land when it spoke to you, and to read and to write. He was proud that he could do both and wanted all of his childern to be able to do the same.

Long winter nights were spent around the hearth, each with their handwork to do, listening to the stories that Da spun about Scotland. Timmy had been a young lad when they left for America, and only remembered snips of it. Da's stories helped to cement the memories deep into him soul.
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Ewan had always been his favorite bother. He always seemed to know what Timmy was thinking before he'd said anything, and when the two of them put their heads together for mischief, you'd best watchout.

It'd taken him weeks to convice him that he didn't need to come and enlist with Timmy, that he'd fine and could watch out for himself.

Not that Ewan had bought it for one moment, but the combination of the powerful Timmy pout and the invocation of 'Mam needs you here more' created a powerful argument that there'd been no refute for.

Besides, Ewan was engaged to marry the lovely and sweet Maribelle, where Timmy had never even been courting with any of the eligible neighbor daughters.
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Tony sat and watched as Nick tried to tempt Speed into eating some breakfast. This war was hard on his brother, more than it was on either Nick or himself.

Speed was more than able to fight, they'd all experienced it at one time or another, but his soul was a gentle one, a scholars soul. Much like Timmy's.

He looked around and spotted his new childe watching Nick and Speed. He'd have to see what he could do to remove that look of sadness from his face.

He knew that Timmy missed his family, but they were his family now and they'd take care of him. Just like they took care of Speed and Nick and all the rest.

They were family.
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Breakfast was a tense affair. The Doc was unwilling or unable to eat, McGee hadn't been around him enought to know for certain which it was.

He watched the interactions between his Sire, the General and the Doctor with a wistful sort of longing deep within his heart. He knew that the Captain would watch over him and teach him all that he needed to know now that he was turned. But they weren't family, at least not yet.

Watching them reminded Timmy of his brothers.

His brothers and him, they'd nothing better to do late in the evenings around the hearth while growing up but to share tales of the wee folk, brownies, selkies and foxes, but he'd never thought that the day would come that he'd join them in being something from a story.

And it was always fun to watch the littlest one's eyes grow big as saucers as they each took turns seeing which could spin the stranger yarn.

His mam and da would scold them plenty if the littlest couldn't sleep afterwards. They'd ended up with many an extra chore as punishment for scaring the littles.

He missed them all so very much and now he'd not be able to go back and see them. The notification had already been sent, the messenger gone before he'd rose that first day.

He sniffled quietly, not wanting to disturb the others, nor to become the laughing stock for being so tender hearted about the whole deal.
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"No, I don't think I will be alright ever again." He turned and faced Tony. "Have I thanked you yet? For saving me I mean. I just wish that I could have said goodbye to my family. This is going to crush my mother."

A squeeze on his should told him that Tony understood what he meant.

"You're a good man McGee, and one that I am proud to call Childe. I know that you will continue to make me proud as time passes."

Tony's hand dropped from his shoulder. "Let's go find the General and the Doc and see about some breakfast"
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Minor spoiler for Silver War maybe.
Gen, Snippets of conversation between McGee and DiNozzo
Unbetaed, written stream of thought in training class.

Timothy McGee, Timmy to his family, looked out across the battlefield cum graveyard in the dim grey light of dawn. In his mind was a non-stop replay of the battle that had happened so few hours before.
Lost in his thoughts, he jumped slightly as a hand dropped to his shoulder.

"Are you alright?" his captain asked.

"No, I don't think I will be alright ever again..."

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