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How I spent my SummerStar vacation…or what really happened on the read trip from Hell!

But before then….skip 440 for my flist -- I love you guys…

Friday dawned bright and early at 5:30 for me. Got up and showered, had a cup of tea, woke the girls and let them get ready while I clung to my laptop like the addict I am spending as much time with it that I could before we went to SummerStar.

We got out of the house by 7:00 (yea us!) and hit the road. One brief stop in Centralia for food, then another shortly later to pick up the forgotten stuff at Wally World. Back on the road and looking to pull into Beacon Rock State Park somewhere in the vicinity of 1:00 pm.

Yeah…right….somewhere between Woodlawn and Hazel Dell the car stopped going forward. The engine would rev, but no forward momentum. ‘Sounds like transmission fluid is low’ I thought. Pulled over (unfortunately to the left, and not the right, as we were in the far left lane) and got out to look at the fluid level. Looked kinda low, so I eyed the exit which we were across from by 4 lanes of 75+mph traffic.

more of the tale of woe here )

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