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I had a pretty great weekend but missed a couple of things I needed to get done.  I am still working on stories and my research paper.  I did hear back from a friend who works at the local cancer research center (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center) and she provided some links that I'll be investigating later today.

Middle Spawn and Spawnlette came over on Friday from the Tri-cities for her birthday and to attend a friends baby shower.  I have forgotten how tiring it can be to chase after a crawling baby.  Also, need to buy a couple of baby gates for use in the house and finish getting a couple of areas cleaned out so she can explore more.

I ended up missing school yesterday, just feeling run down and I ended up fighting a migraine all day Sunday so I was really drained energy wise. Took the day off and relaxed, caught up on some sleep and soaked in a hot bath for a while.

We didn't get meet with Mr. G and his Lady due to illness, so we are putting that off until the 20th.  We'll try and due a  belated Samhain at that time.  We will also be meeting with a couple of folks that have emailed recently for training. 

It is always a interesting experience in trying to see if they will match up with the existing personalities in the group.

I got the quilt top finished for the Youngest Spawn though, and tonight will be pinning the layers together to start the actual quilting process.  I am thinking of stitching in the Mantle of Brigid around the edge of the entire quilt. I think that it would be most appropriate since the pattern of the squares is a modified log cabin which looks like a Brigid's Cross.

Blessing of Brigit

Each day and each night

That I say the Descent of Brigit


I shall not be slain

I shall not be sworded

I shall not be put in cell

I shall not be hewn

I shall not be riven

I shall not be anguished

I shall not be wounded

I shall not be ravaged

I shall not be blinded

I shall not be made naked

I shall not be left bare

Nor will Dagda

Leave me forgotten.


Nor fire shall burn me

Nor sun shall burn me

Nor moon shall blanch me


Nor water shall drown me

Nor flood shall drown me

Nor brine shall drown me


Nor seed of faerie shall lift me

Nor seed of airy host shall lift me

Nor earthly beig destroy me


I am under the shielding

Of good Brigit each day

I am under the shielding

Of good Brigit each night.


I am under the keeping

of the Child of Dagda

Each early and late,

Every dark, every light.


Brigit is my comrade-woman

Brigit is my maker of song

Brigit is my helping-woman

My choicest of women, my guide.

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