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I managed to survive the anniversary of my mom's passing with only a week long melt down, some of which embarrassingly happened at work. I'm feeling more stable now though, and less prone to random fits of anger and/or tears so that's of the good.

Yesterday was the Son in Laws (forever more to be called Soldier Boy) birthday. Poor Boy..... birthdays are chaotic and weird at our house. We like to go all out in ways, treat the inner and outer child, so you're as likely to get toys and candy as you are serious gifts. Favorite food preference is a must and cake.

So, he got computer games, books on tape, Pez, a dinosaur picture punch out book, little plastic cowboys and indians (we couldn't find army men), silly see what I mean?

He couldn't articulate what it was he wanted for dinner, so I chose to do pasta alfredo, garlic chicken, salad and steamed asparagus.

For cake, we had Cookie Dough Extravaganza ice cream cake from Coldstone. All in all, I think it was a good day for him. Tonight they are planning on going over to friends for another party, so it should be a good thing for them both.

On the down side, Middle Spawn (Soldier Boy's wife unit) lost her job, so she's a little less than happy with that.

In rest of the family news we're mainly doing okay here. My knee's been giving me grief like woah, so much so that I actually went to see the doctor yesterday about it. (I know, mark the date!) Xrays didn't show any fracture, but a weird shadow which my inner voice has decided is cancer (yeah...right, just paranoid). The still need to be read by the radiologist though. I'm gonna hold out for an MRI rather than PT first though. The manipulations for the xrays my knee kept me up most of the night aching and hurting so I really cannot even begin to imagine what PT will bring about. That was with taking two pain pills before I went to bed.

Yeah, no fun there.

I'm sure that the knee issue started on the trip home from California last year after Mom's death. I slipped coming out of the shuttle bus and missed the last stair completely landing flat footed with all my weight on one foot/knee combo. It ached and by the time I was done sitting trapped in a tin can and got home it was swollen and painful and just not happy. I didn't go see a doctor then (as I told my doc, I wasn't in the head space to do anything for months after that) and after several weeks it finally began to feel somewhat better.

Now, it hates me again, and I am tired of it.

On other news, I got sucked into the cult of Facebook, where I play a lot of Mafia Wars and that's about it.

Hope your spring is looking up for you where ever you are.
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I realized that it's been almost a year since I updated -- which really sucks. I know that I'd been steadily dropping off when I was on LJ -- somewhat because I'd changed jobs and had a little less time, but more I think due to lack of the need to write for myself.

But once again there is a crisis in my life so I turn to my journal to give myself a neutral place to scream.

Mom is dying, there is no polite way to put it, she is at the end of her life and it hurts.

My tall leggy mom who loved to work in the yard and was so physically active is only a distant memory, not only to myself but to my children who best know her in an electric chair and on oxygen.

See, she's lived the majority of her life in the San Joaquin valley, and smoked for a bit of that time. She quite after I got out of school and got married but by then it was too late and the asthma she thought she had was actually emphesyma (sic).

I cannot say that most of herhealth issues are due to the smoking, all you have to do is go around Bakersfield and look at the number of older folks that are toting O2 packs. You cannot go anywhere without seeing them, and that is saying a lot. I live in a metropolis (Seattle area) that contains 10 times the amount of people and I rarely see the same sheer numbers of folks toting O2 bottles.

Its fucking scary and one of the reasons that I moved my family away. The biggest however is that I love my birth family, but tolerance for others is not high on their list, most notably anyone of color or gay. Sad but true. And I could not raise my children in that enviroment.

Back to Mom -- so she quits smoking and then her health really starts to decline, finally ending up in a chair with O2 24/7. Over the past couple of years we've seen a trend where she'll be doing 'okay'and then end up in the hospital because her CO2 levels are too high.

Its been happening more and more frequently, until now where she's in the hospital and she's not coming out.

So I am back in Bakersfield, waiting for the end. No comments, please.

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Is it safe yet?

Been swamped over the past couple of weeks with training and everything else.

I'll be filling in for another position for the next 2 months and overseeing a temp to back fill my position, so I've been training my booty off and scheduling interviews to meet folks interested in the temp position.

Only problem so far? Cologne...and the people who wear it. I am dying form being trapped in my office with interviewees' who were wearing it.

I sent a note to the agencies to have their folks not wear it to the interview (so I can continue to breathe!

I'll be back once things at work calm down somewhat...

*hugs flist* I miss you all.
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I seem to be suffering from an ear infection -- or at least I believe I may be. I'll know for sure tomorrow if I am able to get into the doctor's office but the pressure, pain and lack of being able to hear the majority of the sound spectrum leads me to believe that I have one. Or possibly a sinus infection.

I've had mostly a lovely 3 day weekend with the Labor Day holiday. I think I'll skip out on work tomorrow to see the doctor rather than trying to go in for little bits of time interrupted by having to transport folks to various appointments. Just easier that way.

Been somewhat grumpy while off this weekend, mainly because I feel poorly and I'm not getting the rest I am needing.

I've also been trying to catch up on my reading -- I'm reading through [ profile] mice1900's latest zines from, The Urge to Run in a Small Wheel (3 volumes). Much fun to be had there. I've had them for a couple of months now, and just now have gotten around to reading them. I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys SGA slash fic. Mostly Carson/MCKay with Zalenka and Sheppard thrown in for good measure in several of the stories.

Go -- read -- enjoy and send loc's to the author.

Not much else going on .. a little house work, some laundry, a lot of driving around and some napping. Wish it could be longer.
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First off let me wish the happiest of birthdays to both [ profile] herbmcsidhe and [ profile] onigaminanashi.

I ended up working 11 hours yesterday...and today I hurt like a sombitch. The vendor that I hired to reset permissions did it wrong on over 1500 files, which I then needed to reset to the right permissions before today. I found it out when I got into the office yesterday morning. 11 hours later I had them done.

Cannot type much, hands all locked up. Luckily tomorrow I can see the Massage God and hopefully he'll beat my neck shoulders and arms into submission...

*hugs to all my seems to be a bad time right now. Love all of you guys.*
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How I spent my SummerStar vacation…or what really happened on the read trip from Hell!

But before then….skip 440 for my flist -- I love you guys…

Friday dawned bright and early at 5:30 for me. Got up and showered, had a cup of tea, woke the girls and let them get ready while I clung to my laptop like the addict I am spending as much time with it that I could before we went to SummerStar.

We got out of the house by 7:00 (yea us!) and hit the road. One brief stop in Centralia for food, then another shortly later to pick up the forgotten stuff at Wally World. Back on the road and looking to pull into Beacon Rock State Park somewhere in the vicinity of 1:00 pm.

Yeah…right….somewhere between Woodlawn and Hazel Dell the car stopped going forward. The engine would rev, but no forward momentum. ‘Sounds like transmission fluid is low’ I thought. Pulled over (unfortunately to the left, and not the right, as we were in the far left lane) and got out to look at the fluid level. Looked kinda low, so I eyed the exit which we were across from by 4 lanes of 75+mph traffic.

more of the tale of woe here )
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It's the pits that it's almost midnight and I'm finally awake enough to want to di stuff...unfortunatly, if I stay up all night I won't be in any shape to do Spring Equinox tomorrow, so it'll be off to bed fairly soon I think.

Finally got to watch DOOM and scratch my mad Karl Urban lust. Actually not too bad of a movie for a shoot'em up action adventure based on a first person shooter video game.

And no silly romance to screw up the killing of stuff.

Yeah...its a silly thing.

Went fabric shopping to get the stuff to finish the Kumagoro costume for the middle spawn for SakuraCon. I just need to take over the sewing machine for an hour or so to make the mittens, attache the ears and make shoe covers for her feet.

All of the girls are going to look fabulous!
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I'm up reasonable early for a weekend once again, even after going to bed as late as I did (after midnight which is really late for me).

Yesterday I got up, cleaned up the kitchen for the Spawn being home alone, got the spouse up to make a store run, woke him up again 45 minutes later to go to the store as he'd fallen back asleep. Fixed breakfast, cleaned back up the kitchen and then vegged the rest of the afternoon for the most part while surfing the net.
Walked the .25 miles to the mail box to pick it up and just enjoyed the lovely day. It was the most energy that I'd had on a weekend in months and I was happy to see it arrive.
Later that evening our friends Earthboy, spawn and DD came over and partook of the homemade chicken pot pie that I made from the leftover chicken and dumplings we had earlier in the week. Hmmmm.... tasty. They left out shortly before midnight, hence the reason why I was up sooooo late.

This morning I woke @ 7:00 and decided that I'd go ahead and get up. Today is [ profile] laceyleopard's birthday and she wants cupcakes, white cake with chocolate frosting, which I am going to do from scratch 'cause I am kinda in that type of mood today. Don't know if we will do anything else or is really tight here until payday.

Had another bunny bite, but decided that I'd work this one out completely before posting. It's tentatively titles "Ten ways Tim McGee didn't have sex, and One in which he did"

And now for the Spam!

Get your own spectral analysis from Area 23®
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The minor headcold that I've been fighting incarnations of over the past couple of weeks wokke up this morning as a head-throbbing major headcold.

I've sneezed several times, which for me is really unusual, and have gone through a lot of kleenex...and I'm nauseaous from the drainage.

Unfortunatly I need to go into to work. I think I'll put the beware sign on my door and come home early if at all possible.

I hate early spring colds. They seem to linger on forever!
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So, the overwhelming votes was for me to gorge on choclates and coffee while reading comments so starting today I'll post my older stuff here, and put it in my memories.

Thanks everyone who responded.

In my 'real life' I'm working with two friends as a volunteer coordinator for the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival. This will be the first year that I have participated -- one of my co-vc's went last year and had a good time, adn ended up volunteering this year and dragging the two of us in along with 'em.

Should be fun, though from the 'leadership meeting' last night, it appears that we will be herding cats.

Look for the first of the stories to show up later this afternoon.
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We bought a new cable modem/router/thingie to replace the old one which continually dropped the connection, usually when you were in the middle of doing something important this past week and got it set up this weekend.

It's been fabulous -- no dropped internet, always on, secure.

Get home from work tonight and there are two blinking red lights. Spousal Unit called the cable company and they have no idea of what it means.

They'll be back on Thursday to test the lines (yet again). We'd like them to run new ones from the pole to the house, but they are resistant. For the freakin' amount we pay monthly, they should kiss my pasty arse and run a new line.

We will see what happens.

So, you are prolly asking, if the cable modem/router/thingie is out, how is she posting? Eveyone in my neighborhood (all twelve houses total) has internet -- most have wireless. Some don't have a secure signal, so I am 'borrowing' it for the moment.

Still... signal is weak and can drop at any time, so no dedicated surfing for me.

Oh well....I guess I can catch up on my reading or writing or something.

Oh and a poll...cause all the cool people are doing them......

[Poll #664259]
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I'm sitting here (bored beyond all comprehension at work) and glancing at me friends page when I realized it....

I can't be a SGA fangirl.

I don't like McShep. There. I've said it outloud. I just don't see any chemistry between them.

They both have charisma in spades...don't get me wrong, but the two of them together as in lovers just makes me want to run screaming in the other direction.

(side note)I have much the same reaction to anything romantic that Tom Hanks does. He just squicks me.

I adore Rodney/Carson and even better Rodney/Carson/Zalenka. Heck Zalenka with just about anyone (except Cavanaugh...he can only have sex with something inanimate)...but I don't like McShep.

*hangs head in shame*

Will you still love me?
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I've a ten pound purring pork roast trying to keep me off of the computer at the moment. Okay, it's actually our little (figurative) cat. She's feeling poorly, mainly because she slipped off her cone and chewed her side raw again, and is begging for sympathy and lovies.

She's a pain in the patootie is what she is at the moment.

I am a complete and utter dork -- I slept in late today (10:30!!!) and then wandered around the house for two hours looking for my missing house slippers. Turns out for some reason I took them off in the living room by the shelves, instead of in my bedroom which is what I do 99.9% of the time.

So when the eldest spawn woke and asked what I was doing, I pitiously answered that I was looking for my slippers as my feet were freezing. She kindly pointed them out to me (I must have had on blinders -- the shoes are crimson red and the carpet is light blue!)

I've done nothing constructive today, other than buy toilet paper (I know you all wanted to know about that!) and abuse exclamation marks.

I watched both SG1 and SGA last night for the first time in several months. Not been following either one with all the cast changes in SG1 (okay -- I liked Crition and Areon Sun on Farscape, but really...both on SG1?!?) and the whole Genii storyline killed off all my interest in SGA. But -- these were pretty good. I doubt I'll become a loyal watcher again, but it was okay.

Dinner is ready -- Cheddar Broccoli soup for those of us who will eat it (the other three are having Micky D's) and I finally have the cat off of my lap for the moment, so I'm going to take advantage and eat!
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LOL -- I'll be stuck in a training class all day (le sigh....) Not my idea of fun in the least but better tha being in the rain all day.

For those of you who don't know about it....

Rain Streak Watch

TuesdayFriday will be the 23rd26th consecutive day with measurable rain in Seattle.
This makes it the fourthsecond-longest all-time rainy streak in Seattle. Here's the Top 5 rainiest streaks:

#1 - 33 days from Jan. 6 - Feb. 7, 1953
#2 - 26 days from Dec. 19, 2005 - present
#3 - 25 days from Jan. 28 - Feb. 21, 1961
#4 - 24 days from Nov. 10 - Dec. 3, 1953
#5 - 22 days from Dec. 18, 1964 - Jan. 8, 1965

FLOOD WARNINGS remain in effect for the Chehalis and Skokomish rivers. A FLOOD WATCH is in effect for every other mountain-fed river in western Washington.

(A 'warning' means flooding is happening or imminent. A 'watch' means conditions are right for flooding.)

At most risk are the same rivers that are still, or recently were, above flood stage, including the Skokomish, Chehalis, Nisqually, White, Snoqualmie (that one's "ours" - it runs through Duvall), Puyallup, Satsop and Tolt rivers. Not to mention, small stream, urban, and lowland flooding can occur even away from the major rivers.

Lake Sammamish, near Redmond, has risen 5 feet just since Sunday, and more than 8 inches since Thursday morning.

If anybody spots that Noah guy, let me know.

So yeah -- wet kind of begins to cover it. Miserable and soggy really covers it better.

Hope your day is better than mine *hugs flist*
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Well, it's been a long and strange trip as Jerry Garcia once said but I am finally heading home sweet home!

Got off the airplane last night to go from 65+ temps to 19 degrees *brrrrrr*.

Waiting impatiently at the Boise airport for my flight, luckily they have free internet *thank you* so I have the chance to briefly update and surf to kill time.

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I realized as I was boarding the puddle hopper this morning that in my need to change flight days I'd forgotten to change it for the last leg of the journey....

*repeat after me*...
"I will never use Priceline or another discount broker for flights that cause me to change airlines!"

So, as a result, I will be spending the night in Boise and catching an early morning flight to Seattle.... seems the only flight leaves 90 minutes before I get there.


It was well worth the hassel to make sure that mom was really on her feet (so to speak) and able to be on her own, but I cannot wait to be back home and in my own bed where I want to be, surrounded by my family, books and cats.

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Mom's been out of the hospital for 5 days and seems to be doing okay. No real pain from the surgery (not being terribly mobile might have something to do with that) and she's able to get in and out of her wheelchair and attend to her basic needs without a helper.

Pretty damn good.

Went to see my grandmother last evening while we were on the hunt for another bag for me. She's 96 and still living on her own.

Today Aunt Judy and Uncle Jay will be stopping by to say goodbye.

I have to say that the perks to my mom's side of the family is that they are all very close and take care of each other.

They just arrived, so I'm going to log off.

Love and miss everyone -- thank you all for the support.

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Friday update
The surgery went with out a hitch!!!!!!!!!!!

One of my aunts and cousins took us out for margerita's and mexican food (yea Mexicali) afer she came out of surgery. When we returned to the hospital she was awake, coherant, they had no issues taking out the breathing tube (main concern #1).

When we got to the hospital today she told us she's being released tomorrow!

We'll see tomorrow how it goes...

Short update tonight -- I just found a Starbucks close by where I am staying. Huzzah for civilisation. So I am able to dump my email and check in with folks.

Once again I want to thank EVERYONE for their wishes, prayers, candles, drum work....everything. I am positive we would have lost her if not for you.
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So...after 3 days of stalking the hospital the surgery is a go!

What has happened so far...

got in late Monay evening.... went directly to the hospital and visisted with the mom unit then went home with my Uncle Dale to crash.

Tuesday -- spent the entire day at the hospital waiting to talk with the surgeon and Mom's lung specialist. Lung spec. came in @ noon and once again said he didn't think she should have the surgery, upsetting mom and pissing me off in the process. Like she can live any sort of quality life if everytime she eats, she experiences a gall bladder attack the ends with her vomiting. Stupid stupid stupid doctor.

She got upset, had a panic attack and her heart rate zoomed. They tried to sedate her down, but ended up having to mover her to the cardio ward that evening (I think). We wait all day for the 3 doctors now involved in her case. No surgeon, no cardiologist. Sigh. Go back to Dale and Judy's and sleep.

Wednesday morning... they move her to cardio but do not bring her trapeze bar. She cannot change positions without it. We request it and are told we have to wait for the maintenance man to bring it (we still don't have it). Cardiologist finally shows up @ 3:00 pm. Spends a total of 1 minute with her, says she's good to go for surgery. Kim and I wait to (ambush) talk with the surgeon. Surgeon shows up @ 10:00 pm. We talk about the surgery, what she needs in care for it, and chances. Things look good. Kim and I go back to Dale's to sleep.

Today Mom fluctuates between wanting to get it overwith and panicking. See the Lung Dr. again. He's miffed about the surgery. To bad, so sad. (can you tell I'm less than impressed?)

In with all of this I have been surrounded by family (help...I choking to death!). Not really, but it kinda seems that way a bit.

Today was also my Grams 96th birthday so we went to have lunch with her and several of the family members.

So, I'm sitting in the coffee shop of the bowling alley (as they have internet) and getting ready to head back to the hospital. Tonight the city will be haing its Christmas Parade and we'll be sitting with Mom to keep her calm.

Once again I want to say thank you to everyone for their thoughts and wishes. I'll try to update tomorrow after the surgery.

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I'm in's a roundabout way to get to Bakersfield from Seattle but it's working. I've got a 2 hour layover then it's a 35 minute flight to Bakersfield.

My aunt is picking me up and the current plan is for my sister and I to crash at mom's apartment tonight at least.

thank you everyone for your thoughts and well wishes it is certainly making a difficult trip a bit easier.

Have I mentioned that I don't really enjoy flying? It's not the travel that's hard for me, it's the seats and close quarters. I'm not sure who the seats are really designed for, but they are not kind to someone who is 5'7" with a 33" inseam...

Luckily the airport has a wireless network that I can surf on and do this update while waiting on the connecting flight.

Weirdest thing so far on this trip? The very young kitten in the seats in front of me who mewed in distress most of the 2.5 hours we were in the air. But better in the cabin with us than in the hold...and certainly better than a crying baby (which I didn't have this time suprisingly enough).

And it's always bloody mary time when I fly, so that makes it all go a little bit better....

Anyhow...that's it for now.

Hugs everyone.

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