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21 Oct 2017 14:50
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I got up early for me yesterday and drove up to the VAMC for my Dental appt. I was seen on time. The dentist poked and whacked on my tooth and declared that she couldnt do anything about it (this tooth was root canaled in 2012 and they couldnt find the last root do to calsification) so I was let loose. They are referring me to a civilian specialist through "Veterans Choice" and this will take at least another week. Meanwhile she gave me a weeks worth of antibiotocs.

I tried to pick up my medication refills, but most of them were at zero, so I had to deal with letting my primary care doc know, and to request an oxy script for the intermittant pain from the tooth.

I decided to go to the signing at Powells, so I went to Beaverton to hang out and wait. I had something to eat at Panda Express (already cut up and hardly any chewing) and then to the bookstore.

The signing was fun, saw the ususal suspects, and only bought one new book.

I took the antibiotics after I got home, no need to stir up the flora a fauna when out on the road. I slept for close to 11 hours last night, with several wakeups. But, I always went back to sleep.

Today, I should wake up, that would be good. I need to go and fetch my Sunday paper.

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20 Oct 2017 09:54
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I just read the latest from the Cheeto..

The move came after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell this week rejected Trump's calls to punish players who kneel for the anthem to protest racism. Trump has said the protests are unpatriotic and disrespectful of military veterans.

I am a veteran, I do not think this disrespects me at all, in our oath of enlistment we swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, and that includes the Bill of Rights, which the First Amendment guarantees the Freedom of Expression.

I didnt get the right to play golf to relax while other service members were wounded and died, I showed up and did my job.

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20 Oct 2017 09:46
[personal profile] martianmooncrab
Going up to the VAMC today, I have a 1pm at Dental. The pain comes and goes from the tooth, so one way or another this will be dealt with.

Stayed inside yesterday, other than getting the trash bins to the curb. Worked inside the house and got some of the mess reduced.. but not by much.

Need to pick up the key to the Focus from my sister on my way to the appt.

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18 Oct 2017 14:00
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I had a slow start to my day and then I waited on the sister creature to finish up with the Kidlet before leaving for the signing. It was too late to do a lot of my enroute stops, so I will do them today.

I have an appt with the naturopath today, and then there is the signing at the Beaverton Powells with Hearne, Wendig, and Wilde.

Did other stuff when I got home, still mulling over what values friendship has. Got a lot going on in the brain over that.

On top of everything else, I have a tooth starting to go bad. To get the VA to fix it, one shows up in the Dental office and you might get seen if they have a doctor available. I will start tomorrow, but first calling to see if they do have a dentist in the shop thats doing the emergency visits. Then of course is the hour drive up there and how many other folks are wanting to be seen without an appointment. Its such a load of fun at times, meanwhile, the tooth is letting itself known.

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