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The rest of the world will continue to rotate.

I've been a little ashamed and appalled at some of the commentary that folks have posted in social sites, but more so with comments that I heard in classes today.

As a Funeral Services student, one of the first things we learned and continue to learn is respect for the dead. It is not our place to 'do' unethical things to a body of someone who we considered bad. That's not our place and I find it horrendously offensive.

Let me be clear and frank - my husband served, my brother in law served, my uncles served, my grandfather served, my son in law serves today, many friends who I love and respect all serve in the military. I am not upset with the military - they did their job.

What I am upset with are those who choose to criticize the military for taking out Osama bin Ladin, some feel cheated that he wasn't brought into to American and placed in prison where he could be abused and tortured. Really people? Really!??!!!!?!? Others bitch about the fact he was quickly buried at sea, after all why should he get a fast burial?

Again I say, Really?!?!!?

I can give you several reasons why:
  1. It keeps his grave site from becoming a place to gather, to make him a martyr.
  2. He was Islamic - it is required that they be buried within two days of death.
  3. Who actually thinks bringing the body of this man to America would be a good idea? It would just be another reason to attack this nation.
We aren't showing any preference by allowing his burial according to Islamic custom, instead we are showing that we can be a compassionate and kind. It costs us nothing but could gain us much.

As for the naysayers who claim that he's not really dead, and for those doofuses at Fox News who reported "Obama" bin Ladin dead this morning - please stop being so stupid and insulting and polluting the intelligence of the rest of us. Buy a clue and become real journalists.

In the real of other things that piss me off - I apologize in advance if you are offended by my post, I am not doing it o offend, but rather to vent and get it out of my system.

I am not "Pro-Life" I never have been. Our world is heavily overpopulated with unwanted and disposable children and I find that horribly offensive. Rather than trying to restrict my access to safe and sane birth control and adequate health care, why don't you do something for these children?  Is it because they are of mixed heritages? Poor, born disadvantaged? Not white enough for you?

What is the governments obsession with looking into our bedrooms?

I am Pro Choice and I am not ashamed of my beliefs - I got a phone call this afternoon from a Pro-Life Advocate asking me for money. I wasn't rude but I was clear that I would not give them money nor did I wish to be contacted by them again.

I have no idea of how they got my name and number, but it offends me... a lot.  Just in case you missed that.
Enough ranting for the moment.

I hope you had a good day and tomorrow will be better.
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Just a few things hitting my [PISSED OFF] button today:

Ryan Murphy – creator of Glee Why you ask? )

Saint Patrick’s Day um, yeah… not Catholic here )

Governor Walker of WI
Union busting and the shit in Wisconsin )
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Do any of you know how to block seeing an author's fics on Twisting the Hellmouth?


No names, but the author does not spell check, does not understand constructive criticism (sees it only as flames/attacks), has twisted the entire cast of Buffy and any other show/book they choose to crossover with into unrecognizable people.... my eyes bleed any time I see an new story by this author.  They never finish any they start and the rally really sad thing about it all, their ideas are great.  They just are a terrible writer. 

I saved myself a lot of aggravation and anger by blocking anything that they send to the various Yahoo groups I am a part of - I never see their email/stories/responses, which has saved me from stroking out by reading anything they write.  It's really better all around if they don't exist in my worldview. 

Mainly they seem to use their fiction as a way of dealing with their own issues regarding friends/families and 'misunderstood' intentions -- when what they need IMO is therapy.  But hey, we all write to expunge our demons to some extent, but in this particular authors case it only seems to increase their demons.

Anyhow... any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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IT's World AIDs Day .. it's been all over the net and LJ. All of us have a story to tell, a loved one gone, friends and family ill, or even it's yourself. That's why it's important to tell the world what can be done to prevent the spread of AIDs and to not let those who are afraid take away the right to prevent and treat this dreadful disease.

Yeah, scarily enough there are religious groups who feel that teaching that using a condom to prevent the spread of this rampant disease is wrong and should not be done. So much so that they are asking folks to not donate to the various organizations that help to teach about condom use and the prevention of diseases....I just cannot understand their reasoning.

Fine, your God says not to use a condom. Good for you, don't use one. But for all that is Holy, let those for whom it is not a sin use them if they choose. It's as much their right to use one as it is yours not to.

And btw...overpopulation, dwindling natural resources, hunger, poverty and the all other host of real life in your face issues can be helped by not having yet another kid that you cannot afford to feed, shelter and clothe.

I'm just saying is all.

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