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The first day of maths was pretty good - its actually three math classes in one that is being taught by two teachers.

Math 80 - pre-algebra
Math 90 - algebra
Math 99 - algebra 2

Its pretty interesting and I have the same teacher I had last quarter; which I was really wanting.  I like having it all on one day, so we cover a weeks worth of classes in the morning and then test at the end of the day.  If I pass with good grades I'll see about taking the next level from the same set of teachers.  Anyone that can make maths understandable to me is godlike IMO.

They keep forecasting a 'snow event' in my area for tomorrow so I may or may not have classes. It really depends on what hits and when. Since our place is at the top of the foothills, if there is going to be snow, chances are we will get it.  The big question is of course, will the city itself get snow? 

I find I need to have a distraction when I am doing my homework, be it headphones with music or some vid on my computer; mainly to block out conversations so I can focus. Which leads me to watching Generation Kill while trying to read my History of Funeral Directing & Death, Society and Human Experience. That was a little weird, but ten I rounded it out with catching the last bit of Death Note that the Spawn were watching. 

The Spouse decided yesterday to make chicken stew for us all as we seem to be coming down with the crud, but he started it too late yesterday, so we decided to put it in the crock and let it cook all day today. It wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that enough was made to feed 4 times as many people... Sigh.

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