20 Mar 2011

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Its the last week of school and I took my algebra final yesterday.

Won't actually know the results until the 29th (wah!) but unless I blew it big time I should come out of the class with a high B or low A. Not too shabby for a girl that went back into school with a burning hatred of math.

It amuses me what it is that is getting me through these math classes;
  • I don't want to be the 'typical' girl afraid of or destroyed by math
  • I want to possibly do more school after my degree (what?!? am I insane?  maybe...)
  • I think of Rodney McKay's reaction and continue on
  • I refuse to let math beat me
I'll have a week off between quarters then right back into math again - this time it'll be Intermediate Algebra. Still not sure if I'll need to take anything past that or not for the degree; I need to check with the advisers to see what is the deal with it all. 

I know I need the math 99 (intermediate algebra) for chemistry, I am just not sure if I need any more past that for embalming chemistry.

Monday is review day for soc and History of Funeral Services then finals on Wednesday.


And how is your week looking out there?  Any good stories I've missed that you recommend?

Currently reading these fandoms:
H5O - Danny/Steve; what can I say they are pretty.
Sherlock - Love me some good Sherlock/John, BAMF!John preferred Or Lestrade/John (yeah I know his first name is Greg, it just doesn't sound right!
Losers - anyone with anyone....that movie was filled with the pretty and awesome
Red - is anyone writing Red fiction? If so, why am I not seeing it?

The sun is shining... I wanna go out and play, not do homework!

nephir: Child of the Morrigan (Morrigan)
It's been a hard couple of months for mothers in my extended family.  Two have lost their mothers in the past couple of weeks (one just last night) and others have been hospitalized.

Well hell.

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