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The trip was wonderful and exhausting and exciting and fun and hot and muggy and ... there are not enough words to describe it.

We flew out at 12:30 am the 10th. The plane was packed and hot and uncomfortable...pretty much what I have come to expect from flying.

We arrived in Houston @6ish to find out about the terrorist attack in England and the changes in the flight regs -- so we drank as much of the bottled water we were carrying and dumped the rest before boarding the flight to New Orleans.

Arrived there to find out that our roommate was seriously delayed as she was flying in from New Jersey. Took the shuttle to the hotel and started calling the others to see if anyone was around so that we coud hang out somewhere other than the lobby. Luckily Fearless Leader had called Hannibal's roomies and they came back to rescue us. By this time we'd been up for 30 hours and were a bit punchy.

We toured, and ate and walked then ate and walked some more. This was my (our) first trip to New Orleans so I didn't really have any expectations other than the heat and humidity. I must say I was happily surprised by everything.

The city is recovering, slowly and without the help that they truly deserve, but they are recovering. There were still lots of devastation viewable, but you could see where they were in the process of rebuilding and repairing. The people were friendly and welcoming, and the tours were quite interesting.

We did the Haunted History tour (Vampire of course), we toured Oak Alley Plantation, and we did the Garden District and Lafayette Cemetery tour. Inbetween all of them we walked over the majority of the French Quarter, walked briefly along Bourbon street (ewwwww) and ate tons of great food.

So, if anyone out there had thought about visiting but had put it off because of hurricanes Katrina & Rita, don't. Take the trip and share your tourism dollars with the city -- it is well worth it.

I'm still catching up on email and LJ, so if you are waiting to hear from me, let me know.

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