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Scored the big 100% on the math test.  I fear that I'll never see that score again in a math class, but I am bound and determined to beat my math phobia into submission.

Things calmed down somewhat overnight.  My heart still hurts for my Youngest Spawn.  She works herself up into such a tizzy that it spills over onto everything else.  It was especially bad this time around because she'd had to miss basically a weeks worth of classes due to some sort of intestinal bug.  She was worried about not being able to pass the classes because of being out, then compounded the stress *as best I can guess* over math problems that were not working out right that was part of the pre-test worksheets. are in my future and I will beat the ever loving shit out of you!

Test anxiety mixed with bi-polar plus the intestinal bug issues and it all adds up to an ugly scene with mentions of death being preferable.  Yeah, not a good night.

Still, she did make it to school today with me, and had managed to feel good about the trig test.  She's off into her ASL class for the test there and we'll see how she's feeling after.  I see a long nap in her future.

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