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All of my Spawn are attending SakuraCon this year so the house has been a beehive of activity trying to get costumes together.

Elder and youngest spawn discovered an eBay site in China that will make your costume to fit for a reasonable amount of money and so they've ordered some of their costumes from them.
Eldest also has a secondary costume that she's cuting out but she's ran into the same issue with sewing that I currently have -- working full time leaves very little sewing time....that's the main reason I no longer make most of my clothing.

I also ended up ordering a costume for a friend of the youngest.

So, costume list for the spawn are as follows:

Eldest -- death god from Bleach (can't remember his name at the moment, wears the dorky stripped hat) and I think a captains costume from the same show? She'll correct me if one of the others doesn't.

Middle is going as Watari from Yami no Matsui and Wufei from Gundam Wing

Youngest is going as Captain from Bleach (I think that's right -- matches the eldest) and as Kadaj from Advent Children.

So I ended up dreaming about costumes all night long...I think I was trying them on, but I may have just been making them or buying them.

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