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And yes, I am terribly excited about it.

Both households are sponsoring parties (here in NW Washington and down in SE Washington), hopefully something can be done so no one feels terribly slighted.

We hit up the Dollar Tree and Ben Franklins yesterday to get some decorations - had to go back today as we'd forgot to get the willow wreath for decorating though we got everything else for it :D  We picked up a bunch of apothecary/candy type jars to fill with candy/ashes/weird stuff along with skulls to be painted, etc. I'll try to post pics later this month as we get things done and set up for decorating.

Still, it will be interesting. I will be working temporarily during the month of October at a Haunted Corn Maze which should be a lot of fun, if not freezing cold some nights and raining. Still, it should be fun. I'll be working Friday & Saturday nights the first three weeks of the month, then the last weekend will be Friday - Monday.

Should be a blast - as a teen I volunteered at the March of Dimes for 3 years doing set up and helping out with various fundraising events. One of those events was a Haunted House, which I helped out with for three years running - it was a load of fun but looking back on it all its amazing that we were able to do the things we did. I'm looking forward to re-experiencing my teen years (at least in some part) for this Halloween.

Are you getting excited?

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Date: 9 Sep 2011 13:03 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] teigh_corvus
Are you getting excited?


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Date: 9 Sep 2011 13:09 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] james
I AM VERY EXCITED! I have been watching the halloween stuff go up at work and been itching to buy it all!!

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