13 May 2011

nephir: Scorpio dancer (Scorpio; art deco)
I've survived midterms; I came out of all of them with at least a B on them. *whew*

We've had [personal profile] koshi700 here for the week. We've been running pretty non-stop since she got here in between school and doing the tourist stuff *grin*

We went over the mountain to Leavenworth (small German tourist town in Eastern Washington) and spent a day there doing the tourist thing! She came into school with me one day (lucky girl) and got to hang out in class while we did our tests. We spent a fun filled day in Seattle doing the big tourist thing such as Archie McPhee's, The Space Needle, The Underground Tour and a couple of other shops *waggling eyebrows*

She goes home tomorrow so today we did a trip over to Ellensburg to meet up with [personal profile] abeilledeverte and the amazing babe! for a visit and the dropping off of belated birthday gifties.

On the way home we swung into Tweeds for some damn fine cherry pie *grin*

Tomorrow is the evol maths class, and back to radical expressions...

And how are you all doing?

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