22 Apr 2011

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So, spring is finally showing it's face here in the Pacific Northwest - we're have the more than occasional sunny day with temps in the mid-40's to low 50's. I've broke out the flip flops and have already spent a few days in them and I'm thinking about how I want my toenails painted so they look cute in the flip flops.
 The spring makes me want to go out and do ... I don't know, yardy sort of stuff.... but I cannot easily yet. Need to get the front 1/4 acre mowed however, it's looking like a meadow rather than a lawn at the moment.

School is keeping me on my toes - I am taking 28 credits this quarter (yea, I did lose my mind, why do you ask :P)

I actually don't mind having added the 8 credits to an already full schedule. They are classes I need, the timing was perfect and I had a great fear that at least one might not get offered again for a while.

This quarter I am taking:
Funeral Directing
Funeral Services Sociology & Counseling
Funeral Services Ethics
Mortuary Law
Business Law
Small Business Managment
& Intermediate Algebra

Homework is being a little painful this weekend - I'm working on a presentation for Monday, also I have a business law paper to write. I did get my SBM posting done and I am mostly done with the math homework.  I need to get it all finished so I can go to the plant sale tomorrow after math class that the college is holding. I want to pick up some stuff to plant around to add diversity to the greenbelts that surround us though I did spot trillium's by us this week. I need to take a stroll and get some pictures before they are gone.

In less than 2 weeks [profile] will be treking up here to hang out and visit - we're going to have a blast. So far we've planned trips to the zoo, the Space Needle & Science Center, Leavenworth, and the Underground tour. She's also going to tag along to classes at least one day at her request.

So, what are you up to? Any plans for Easter if you celebrate, or did for Passover? How about Eostra?

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