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And it starts out like this; over the summer, although I'd done the 'walk' for graduation I had one last class to take and pass.


Just so I am clear, this shall never be spoken of again.

The class itself wasn't that horrible, but I found myself wondering why the hell I actually had to subject myself to this class. I could see the point for several in my cohort - they couldn't get up in front of the class to present a slideshow, let alone a persuasive argument, but I'm an old pro at standing in front of crowds and talking. Oh well, it really doesn't matter, I did the fucking class and passed and have my diploma sitting at the school waiting for me to pick it up.

Things got really hairy by the end of summer financially here as my student loan wouldn't pay for the singular class and the annuity that I'd been receiving monthly from my mom's estate ran out (with out a statement or notice from the annuity company). Luckily I'd only scheduled one bill payment to come out so I didn't have a load of fees from the credit union.
Luckily enough all my job hunting FINALLY paid off and I have a full time job, in the profession I got a degree for and everything!

I'm working for a funeral care center. What this means is that we aren't an actual funeral home, instead we provide services to 40+ funeral homes in the area that include removal and storage of decedents, cremation, embalming, casketing, and the more frequent than I would have thought shipping of said decedents to other places via plane and train.

I've been there two full weeks and the best part is that I'm also doing my internships there. No more trying to find a funeral director to intern under, or embalmer either. I'm interning under the boss for my funeral director internship and under one of the embalmers for my embalming internship.

And the truly bestest part of all? Its a paying job!

For the first time in 3 years I am working full time. It's a big adjustment and it feels great!
Now I'm just playing to learning game and working on getting used to working full time again. I figure in another week or so my body will realize and adjust to the early wake up and will stop nagging me so much about it all.

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Date: 21 Oct 2012 17:44 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] hab318princess
congratulations on all counts!

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Date: 3 Jan 2015 12:59 (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] whatthehay
Hey. I don't know if you are using this account any more, but recently I've had some questions about funeral issues.

My 76 year old friend put a down payment on cremation services with a company called Smart Cremations. He did this before talking to me about it and my research has found some pretty scary stuff about these folks. Are you familiar with them at all?

He currently lives in the Tacoma area. Is there someone you respect I could refer him to?

We've also started thinking about our own end of life care. I believe I want what is called a green funeral. How do I find out more about it and make sure my wishes are followed? I'm sure there are things on line about that, but I thought I'd pick your brain for an "insiders" view.

Hope you are well and happy. Will keep this short.

Re: Smart Cremation & green burials

Date: 3 Jan 2015 19:37 (UTC)
whatthehay: (Default)
From: [personal profile] whatthehay
Oh, I'm so glad you got this. It is reassuring to hear you say that Smart Cremations aren't the horrible folks I was reading about on line. My friend doesn't really use the internet and just has to go on intuition for this stuff. I'd hate for him to be taken by some schlocks. And I've never researched this stuff either. His son recently died and the family hasn't been able to get up enough money to get him buried. A real mess. My friend doesn't want that to happen to him.

Sad to hear that green is so expensive. I'd really be quite happy to be wrapped in burlap and buried without any rigmarole. Just recycle me like I'm supposed to be done with. I'm just not interested in getting burned up. My element was always Earth.

Did you know we bought a place over in Everett? You all are still in the Duvall area, last I knew. It would be nice to get together. I think I haven't seen you all in almost 15 years. That's how long James and I have been married now. Hard to believe.

Thanks for giving some info on this. I'll be looking for your private message, if I can figure out how to find it.

Re: Smart Cremation & green burials

Date: 10 Jan 2015 14:07 (UTC)
whatthehay: (Default)
From: [personal profile] whatthehay
Sorry I haven't gotten back to you. I've been fighting a frozen shoulder and back pain. The muscle relaxers came with the order not to drive. I can't tell I'm different when I take them, but James said last night I get spacey. You'd think I'd be able to notice. Anyway, hope you all are well and hugs!

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