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There's a local family that rents out their goats for yard clearing. So I hired them and we have a temp fence in place with 30ish goats in it eating up my overly tall grass, berry vines and assorted other growing stuff.

They've done an amazing job since last evening. I am amazed.

In other news I've nearly finished with the youngest Spawn's quilt (edging is finished) and all I have to do is finish with the ties.

School will be out in @ 3 weeks and I really need the break.

How are you doing?

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Date: 8 Aug 2011 19:55 (UTC)
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Believe it or not, I'm PREGNANT! OMG, I couldn't hold it in any longer and just had to share. :P

No, honestly I just think I'm crazy. I've agreed to a babysitting swap (but I'll be watching kids more than the other person, I can almost guarantee it) with a friend, so at least once a week I'm going to be watching her 3yo and toddler who's the Babe's age. I'm doing pretty well, all things considered, but am a little annoyed at the continued weight loss (lost a pound more than I'd gained last week); not worried about it, just annoyed, since I know that I'm not starving myself or ignoring nutrients - at this rate I'll not have any pants that fit once I pop the Spud out!

Everyone's still breathing and moving, so I consider life to be okay.

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