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I hate the schedule I am currently on, my days off are split so I am on 2 days, have a day off, then on three days then have a day off. It really fucks with me being able to catch up on anything around the house.

I cannot wait until they finally hire someone to be the office manger again, though it is the worst job in the office. Way too much responsibility and not enough power and perks to put up with it. It's the second hat I wear currently and I cannot wait to get rid of it. If it was the only job, it would be tolerable, but because I split between it and the lead embalmer, I have far more responsibility than one person should have and not enough time to fill either job with any sort of grace.

Bah, enough bitching!

The Eldest Spawn celebrated her seasonal rotation of the sun with a low key dinner with some of the family and a few friends. She's struggling with some fairly serious depression and having trouble finding work at the moment. To help combat that she is doing a lot of art and has launched a Patreon here:

Go forth and support her if you wish!
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