9 Sep 2011

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For those who want interesting ideas, or just love Halloween there is a wonderful blog on Tumblr:



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Been terribly stressed about finances, so I go shopping.  Not the smartest but it was to the Dollar Tree and I spent a whopping $35 for 5 bags of decorating stuff!!!!!

School will start back in a week (ARRRGH! I'm Not READY!) and I've not gotten everything done that I need to. I cannot get hold of the financial aid office to see how to pick up the scholarship check that I was awarded - I burst into tears when I get the letter yesterday. It was such a relief to know that I was going to be able to get my shots that I need for class (hey, I'll be working with dead bodies, I need to be protected), my PPEs (personal protective equipment) and what books I am missing (Chem, I am looking at you!) for this quarter. But I need them to answer the phones!!!!!

I did get the photo shoot appt. scheduled and I still have to write my thank you letter to the board for awarding the scholarship to me.


I am still seeking donations to help defray costs of this quarter so if you can help with donating, signal boosting, whatever you will have my deepest thanks, blessings for being wonderful and big squishy hugs.


Grades - I did well this past quarter: I got a 3.9 in Embalming, a 4.0 in Biology & physiology and a 3.6 in Quantitative Reasoning. Since we had to self grade in the last one I felt weird about asking for anything higher, though I could justify it easily enough. Still, I am shocked, amazed and thrilled about the grades from the summer quarter, especially as we were on a compressed schedule.

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