25 Jun 2011

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Grades came out yesterday - 4.0 in Mortuary Law, Funeral Directing and Ethics of Funeral Services, 3.2 on Intermediate Algebra* and 2.8 on Business Law.

*I had a bit of an issue early on in the quarter where I just was not being able to understand the math. I started taking ginko and relaxing about it all and finished up about where I expected as I failed one test and scored D's on two others. I will take that 3.2 as a sign that eventually I was understanding it all and that math was not as evil as I remembered.

The 2.8 in Business Law - yeah. Not happy but thrilled I passed. That's what really mattered on this and it's what I am taking out of this course. We went through less than a third of the book, for 8 out of the ten weeks the teacher just wrote verbatim on the whiteboard what was in the text book and it was nothing more than rote memorization for the class. Did I get anything out of it? Very little because very little was passed on in a way that meant anything to 90% of the class. The lone 10% who was going for a paralegal career? Yeah, even she was less than thrilled with the grades and how the class was handled. If I had failed I would have just signed up for the online version over the summer - luckily I don't have to do that now.

Summer quarter will be short (8 weeks) and will consist of my last math class, embalming I and biology & physiology.

Then I'll have an entire month off maybe until fall quarter starts~ whoo hoo!

So, interested in helping fund a poor college student? You know what they say, friends help friends move, real friends help buy bodies for embalming courses. Here's the skinny on it all - embalming II & III are the actual hands on labs for my degree. Lab fees for each course are $500 (that's the cost of 1/2 a body; yes we share one between two students). So for the fall semester my tuition and lab fees brings my cost up to $2100 for 10 weeks of classes, to be repeated for the winter quarter which will be another $2100 for 10 weeks.

Also - because I've had to cash out the 401K to pay for school (which is now all gone) I am ineligible for grants. Loans are on the horizon, and I've got in the paperwork for one already. However...

If you want to help, the spouse set up a paypal donation box - any little bit helps.


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