15 Jun 2011

nephir: Child of the Morrigan (raven)
So this is finals week here at LWTC which means that Monday I had my Mortuary Law final and today was the Funeral Directing, Funeral Services Ethics & Funeral Services Sociology.

Saturday will be the intermediate Algebra final.

Monday is my last final and that will be for Business Law.

I am thinking of fermenting a revolt for Business Law if I fail for some reason. I am passing all the funeral services classes with a 3.9/4.0 and will pass math with a B most likely, on the other hand there is a very good chance that I along with the majority of students in the class face failure in Business Law.

The 3 quizzes and the final (which is nothing more than a quiz) count for 80% of the grade.   80 freaking percent of the grade.  I am suggesting that if the majority of us fail we lodge a complaint with the Dean. There is no way to have the grade I do and to fail this one stupid class, especially when I come, participate, turn in homework and take the tests.

Also, this was a terribly bittersweet day as it was the last day with one of the program instructors. He's headed down to San Diego to take a position there. We will miss him and his sly wit terribly.

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