12 Feb 2011

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School continues apace.  Had midterm for Sociology on Wednesday, took test 6 out of 8 for math today and have my midterm for Intro to Funeral Services on Monday.

I got registered last week for next quarter:
Math 99 on Saturday (again)
Funeral Services Sociology
Biology 111 (Intro)
and Small Business Management (online)

I found I had made the stupidest mistake on my 3rd math test (which I got back today) -- It was mainly graphing coordinates and I forgot to 'connect the dots' so only got half credit for each.  Sigh. Still, I believe I am on track for a B or a low A in math.  Not too bad.

The wind here is whipping around like mad today, and it brought rain and power flickers.  I have hope we won't lose our power tonight *fingers crossed*

This is the second weekend in a row that we weren't able to meet with folks for Brigid so on the way home today from class I decided the heck with crazy schedules -- I was fixing Venus Navels for dinner in honor of Brigid. The recipe is slapdash -- sorry, we rarely use actual measurements while making this.

Venus Navels

These are called this because the resemble bellybuttons.

Tortellini (enough for your family)
Fresh basil (4-6 ounces)
Fresh garlic (1 head)
Pine nuts (1 cup)
Olive oil (2-3 tblsp)
Butter (2-3 tblsp)
Shredded Parmesan cheese (optional)

Start water for tortellini and while it is heating wash and cut the basil into strips, taking care to bruise it to release the oils.
Dice the garlic.
Heat the olive oil in a large flat bottomed pan
add the diced garlic and basil and stir over medium heat allowing the garlic and basic to start to brown. 
Add the butter and the pine nuts and stir until brown. 
Take off of heat and cover until the tortellini is cooked.

Add tortellini to boiling water and cook until done (if fresh, I usually only cook for 5 minutes; if dried, follow instructions on package)
When done, drain and add to basil/garlic/pine nut mixtures and toss.

Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese and serve warm with crusty bread and salad.

Cucumber Salad

One cucumber, peeled and diced up
1/2 red onion diced up
throw diced cucumber & onion into a bowl and add enough plain yogurt to coat.
Sprinkle with black pepper and salt and toss.

And finally Brigitmas

She is the Lady of Poetry; Metal Smiths; Childbirth and Healing.


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