7 Jan 2011

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The first week of school has passed, mostly, as I still have my algebra class tomorrow from 8am to 1pm and I've a few thoughts on how this semester is going to go.

Mondays & Wednesdays Introduction to Funeral Services and Sociology of Death and Dying
Saturday Algebra

Intro to Funeral Services has the possibility of being enjoyable, if the teacher learns to speak above a low mumble. All in all I think I'll survive it just because I refuse not to. The information is written in a fairly singular point of view so I am biting my tongue to keep from derailing the class.  I know they just want us to absorb the information and its so not worth arguing with the instructor about how the course is skewed to one viewpoint or at least it seems that way at the moment.  I have my doubts that it'll get more encompassing as it goes on.

Sociology of Death and Dying so far is shaping up to be a very active and loud class.  The teacher is very engaging and charismatic. I am hoping that it will continue in the same vein for the rest of the quarter to be honest.  I need something like this to keep me on my toes and focused on what I want to do.

Algebra - I've not had yet, tomorrow...tomorrow... fingers crossed I will have the same teacher that I had for Pre-Algebra.  She and another teacher swap quarters on teaching this class on Saturday.  Since I really liked her style for the pre-algebra class, I figured that it would be good to have her for algebra.  

Luckily enough, I already had the math books since all the daughters have taken algebra and the text book hasn't changed.  That saved me a few bucks.  The sociology book was hellaexpensive -- $113 for a  1.5 inch paperback book....sigh. Since the program is fairly new, used textbooks are not really an option, nor is renting them.  So textbooks (without the math book) still ran me $200 this quarter. 

I know that it's only going to go up as classes continue, but as I'm paying out of pocket its pretty pricey.

I need to find my denial letter from the VA and submit an appeal. I just missed being able to use the spouses' VA benefits by about 6 months.  I've not needed them until now, I'd been working full time.  *fingers crossed* maybe I'll be able to get something, even if its just a years tuition, from them.

In other news I finally got all of my CDs moved from the cases into binders.  I know that there are several missing, most likely in the Youngest Spawns bedroom or in a box from the office, and eventually I'll get a hold of them and get them shuffled into the binders. This means that we went from @9 shelves filled with CD cases to 10 binders total.  Yea me *london clap*

Its been a 'to-do' project for almost a year and I finally hit the frustration point and just did it, clearing out the case logic supply at the four local chain stores in the process (Fred Meyer).

And how is the new year treating you?

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