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(sorry, this was supposed to have posted a week ago but LJ ate it and I just noticed it never eventuated)

Show: SGA

Rec Category: Kidfic - of the accidentally de-aged kind
Characters: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, all the usual Atlantis characters
Categories: Gen
Warnings: Nil
Author on LJ: seperis
Author's Website: See the AO3
Link: Teacher's Pet on AO3

Why This Must Be Read: This is a series of stories, in which John is de-aged back to 8 y.o. by an off-world priestess as a learning experience. He doesn't have all his adult memories and has to grow up again, and rather than sending him back to Earth they manage - not without difficulty - to keep him on Atlantis and raise him as a big extended family. His aging is accelerated, but it's still supposed to take six months and there are some plot twists about whether the de-aging really is temporary or not. Domenika Marzione wrote two of the stories, one set when John's older and is beginning to go through his military training again. There's no final story that wraps everything up, but each of the fics is complete, so I didn't find it frustrating in a WIP sense - it's a great read, and contains some interesting dynamics with competition especially between Rodney and the military about who the most formative influences on John are going to be, especially as he gets older. There's an alternate ending story in the series that explores a different path the plot could have taken, as well. It was written a while ago so italics are shown by asterisks around words.

"Elizabeth gives me cookies when I get something right," John says resentfully, erasing a line with his sleeve before rewriting it in bright green. Turning a little, he fixes a wide eyed look of pained hope in Rodney's direction, like that actually *works* or something.

Bribery. Rodney doesn't approve *at all*. But. "If you finish," Rodney says slowly, hoping to God that Zelenka doesn´t hear this or he will never, ever live it down, "we'll disassemble one of the naqada generators." John lights up--he's always better in practical application than theory anyway. "Ah ah ah--only if you finish."

With renewed energy, John goes back to work and Rodney thinks, child rearing is a *snap*, and wonders if John's still got clearance to get some C-4. A nice day outside on the mainland, where the Athosians will coo over his big green eyes, and Rodney will teach him how to build bombs.

Let Elizabeth and Teyla and Ronon and half of freaking *Atlantis* coo over John's charm, Rodney thinks grimly and tries not to melt when John rubs his hand over his forehead and leaves a vivid streak of green, hair sticking up on top in a way that's so painfully cute that Rodney almost thinks that maybe he'll give in and build John a miniature puddlejumper to ride around Atlantis in. But not yet. Rodney's going to make sure that this time around, John's brought up *right*.

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Show: SG-1

Rec Category: Bra'tac
Characters: Bra'tac, Samantha Carter, team
Categories: friendship, gender roles
Warnings: none
Author on LJ: curuchamion
Author's Website: Justice_Turtle at AO3
Link: Warriors of Great Skill and Cunning

Why This Must Be Read: Bra'tac being awesome. Sam being awesome. Knitting and motorcycles!

...Why are you still here? :)

"Major Carter begins to learn," Bra'tac reports to Jack at dinnertime, over the interesting meal of MRE innards and Jaffa field rations the guys have cooked up. "She has died only five times this day."

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26 Jun 2017 12:41
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The sister creature and I made it to the movies to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. A fun movie, but, with all the money spent on special effects, they could have made it a tighter cut, rather than go on and on with the pretty lights. Stayed through the credits, otherwise would have missed the little snippets. Loved Teen Groot.

We had a salad at the Chezcake Factory, we will be so pleased to have one on the east side later this year, mostly due to my being unable to get up very early and so we miss things like breakfast and brunch. Well, I miss them, my sister does get up early...

Am awaiting a response from my brother if he and his wife want to meet me for a casual dinner on saturday, since its my birthday and all. The sticky wicket part of this is that their daughters birthday was the 4th, and the weekend was all about her, so we shall see how it goes. We always had a family party for her (and I was included, but, she got the cake, not me) so they are still going through the first after her death events. I would like to have some acknowledgement of my birthday, so, ... it gets a bit complicated. But it would be nice if both my siblings would be there.

Today, a whole less hot, and I need to write out july bills and make VAMC phone calls. Tomorrow, I see my Neuro and we go over my MRI and my 2.5 years since the removal of the old brain tumor. Watering of the yard and garden are on the list too.
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Michael by Michael Kors

Top notes are freesia, incense, chinese osmanthus and tamarind; middle notes are tuberose, iris, peony, orris root and arum lily; base notes are musk, cashmere wood and vetiver.

This is a very sweet white floral. The tuberose is almost a gardenia dupe. Josh cried almost instant headache, so I didn't leave it on long enough for the dry down, but I could just start to smell the woodiness of the iris start to tamp down the florals before I scrubbed it.

Clean (the original)

This soap-inspired scent combines litsea cubeba, orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit, passion lily, rose geranium, and white musk and is perfect for women who enjoy crisp, subtly. It opens with a bright burst of freshness and dries down to a simply CLEAN scent.

This does smell fresh and clean. Very bright and citrusy but very sweet (must be the sweet lime). I don't get any orange or grapefruit, but I do smell rose geranium (yummy) and soap. Clean is a good descriptor. I would like to smell this on someone else, but it's not for me. I passed it to a friend.

BPAL Rapunzel

Angel’s trumpet, bois de rose, orris, and wild lettuce.

I really like this. It smells green and sweet and a little of rose. Josh detects a note of ginger. It's a keeper!


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25 Jun 2017 14:30
[personal profile] martianmooncrab
Got the stuff out of the van, and then cleaned a bit in the house, didnt get much done, but I did use up some of the new coat hangers.

Once it got past 7pm I did get outside and watered... my poor yard and garden looked a bit crispy.

Today, might go to the movies with the sister creature.
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This entry will be open to volunteers through June 1st. The official list of monthly reccers will be posted on Sunday.

Comment with the username you'll be using to rec and the category you want, choosing a category from the list below or selecting a more rare category that has been used in the past. If you want to rec a category that is not on the list below or in the community memories, feel free to ask. Remember that you may volunteer for a category that isn't listed.

By signing up, you are committing yourself to reccing at least two (preferably four) stories in that category during the month of July. June reccers may only sign up for next month after posting their minimum two recs for this month. The FAQ and rec template, with detailed instructions, can be found here.

You must be a member of stargateficrec in order to post, so if you're a new reccer, be sure to join the community. If you are using OpenID via Dreamwidth, please get in touch with me at my e-mail, so I can walk you through the procedure of joining the comm.


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Other (specify)


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Jack and Daniel
John and Rodney
Sam and Janet
John and Elizabeth
Daniel and Sam
Elizabeth and Teyla
Carson and Rodney
Other (specify)


Teyla Emmagen
Elizabeth Weir
John Sheppard
Rodney McKay
Cameron Mitchell
Jonas Quinn
Ronon Dex
Aiden Ford
Janet Fraiser
Samantha Carter
Daniel Jackson
Jack O'Neill
Vala Mal Doran
Evan Lorne
General Hammond
Carson Beckett
Other (specify)

Remember: first come, first claimed.

Important: Less than 5% of those watching the comm responded to our where do we go from here poll. If you have not yet done so, please take a minute to express your opinion. It's important to us that we get a good idea of what most of the fans here would prefer.

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24 Jun 2017 14:39
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Late yesterday afternoon, I decided I needed more coat hangers, so I picked up my sister and away we went. We did a few of my errands and some of hers, had dinner at the new Asian seafood buffet on 82nd (not bad, but, not a lot of things I will eat) and came home.

Today, its supposed to be 100 degrees, so I wont be going anywhere. I do need to get the coat hangers out of the van though.

Five for Friday

23 Jun 2017 16:36
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1. Emma's baby fan musings crack me up. Yesterday, she told me she hates incest pairings (although she has to admit it makes a great deal of sense for SPN), and that while people should be able to write what they want, they should do it away from her. LOL I told her that's why God made the back button. She also told me she doesn't get why people ship pairings that don't have a lot of subtext or canonical support, especially the characters that don't interact in canon. She has gotten waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay into Undertale--as in Undertale is all she's been able to talk about for what seems like our entire lives at this point--and she cited some examples from that video game. I told her she'd have to just take my word for it that those stories can be a lot of fun.

She told me she's not really looking for fanfic right now because she'd probably have to wade through too many fics written by 11 year olds with horrible SPAG.

And then she closed by telling me that one time she accidentally found some drawings of skeleton porn where they had ectoplasm genitals which is the funniest thing ever.

2. Downton Abbey watch continues. spoilers )

3. Fiona's birthday is tomorrow. She'll be four!!!!!!!

4. I am exhausted in the last two weeks, like way more than usual. My energy levels have been good for awhile, and I'm wondering if my thyroid levels have dropped. I hesitate to move up my August 31 endocrinologist appointment; I've done so every year for the past three years when I've had worsening symptoms, and the tests have always come back with a "Nah, not sick enough for us to do anything" verdict. I'm on the verge of starting my period, so I'm wondering if that's a factor. If I don't start to feel better in the next week, I guess I will up the appointment. I just feel so beat, and working out is a chore. :( This is definitely not normal.

5. I am done teaching for the semester! Whoooo! Grades are turned in, and now all I have to do is relax and work on the novel.

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